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can straight girls please stop shitting their pants over being mistaken for lesbians or being called lesbians as an insult?

when someone tries to insult you by calling you a lesbian, they’re a homophobe. if you actually find it insulting to be called a lesbian, you’re a homophobe too. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.

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Anonymous asked: You are racist.



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is there a god to help save this poor soul

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"My name is not Annie. It’s Quvenzhané."

Quvenzhané Wallis (then age 9) correcting an AP Reporter who said she was “just going to call her Annie” instead of learning how to pronounce her name. Never forget.  (via thechanelmuse)

Quvenzhané Wallis, accurately representing the daily struggle of everyone with a non-Caucasian name in the western world.

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